In this episode, we continue our conversation with Dimitrije Cabakapa. A former DI Basketball player for James Madison University and now a PhD Studen...View Details

In this episode of Sport Psych: The Next Edge we get the opportunity to talk with Stanford's Sports Performance Coach Ali Kershner. Ali gives us a dee...View Details

Welcome back to Sport Psych: The Next Edge…. And get excited because this is the first episode in the series titled the Athlete Perspective, where we ...View Details

A huge topic of conversation especially in our current climate revolves around mental well-being. We know at some point teams and individual athletes ...View Details

The Transitional Mindset

Welcome to episode 4 of Sport Psych: The Next Edge. On today’s episode we are discussing what it means to adapt a Transitional Mindset. Take a seat an...View Details

Welcome to episode 3 of Sport Psych: The Next Edge. Today we will be discussing well-being and proactive stress recovery. Student athletes and coaches...View Details

Goal Setting 101

Goal setting isn't something we learn to do in a day, it's a skill we develop over time. By creating a plan we then create a path that leads us to the...View Details

Remembering Your Why

In the first episode of Sport Psych: The Next Edge, we will talk about the current climate in sport with Covid-19 and how that is impacting athletes. ...View Details

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